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Tahir Khilji
Founder and CEO

Tahir is the Founder and CEO of Vision. He is one of the first people in Pakistan to work with the transgender (hijra) community in empowering them to attain their rights. Tahir’s efforts culminated in citizenship rights for the Hijra community in 2010. His work now includes interventions for rehabilitating and reintegrating street children in Lahore and Abbotabad, and creating a movement around the safety and security of human rights defenders across Pakistan.

In addition to building the groundwork for a discourse on marginalized populations, Tahir has 15 years of experience in cultivating networks of social innovators, providing thought leadership  on issues pertaining to human rights  and mentoring upcoming generations of young change leaders, for example Neengar  in Multan.

Tahir is an Ashoka Fellow and Ashoka Chapter Leader for Pakistan. He is a lawyer by training with degrees from Punjab University and Duke University School of Law and has a graduate degree in International Development from American University, Washington D.C.

Nahid Khilji
Project Manager

With 15 years of experience in computer technology, Nahid brings to Vision extensive  experience in building user-friendly designs for tech based solutions. She also has over 12 years of experience in laying the groundwork for Vision’s interventions in Lahore, Murree and Abbotabad where she specialized on youth and child rights.

Nahid currently manages Vision’s program for marginalized populations in Lahore. She has a graduate degree in Computer Science from the American University in Washington D.C.

Nasir Habib Khan
Operations Manager

Nasir leads Vision’s finance and operations division. Nasir has 10 years of experience managing Vision’s finances and human resources and has been trained by the European Union on account management.

Tauseef Shah
Project Coordinator – Murree

Tauseef is the project coordinator for Vision’s intervention with street children in Murree. He joined Vision in 2008 and has a Masters in Business Administration from City University Peshawar.