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Street Children

VISION Pakistan has been working in the area of Child Rights in Pakistan since 2001. In addition to lending our voice to the larger debate in Pakistan on the implementation of the Covenant on the Rights of the Child, VISION has a special focus on the sexual and commercial exploitation of children and the illegal trafficking of children for these purposes. Our 15 year experience in the area has seen us successfully execute projects dealing with the rehabilitation and support of street children in various parts of the country, including Swat, Murree, Abbotabad and Lahore. All of VISION’s rehabilitation work through its drop-in centers, shelters and education centers has also amassed a considerable repository of research and behavioral study.

Initially an organization focusing on the rights of the transgender community in Lahore, we noticed a very clear and constant connection between our work and the plight of street children. Most transgender people are turned out of their homes by their families because of they do not conform to the unfortunate social concepts of normalcy. Once these individuals children end up on the street, they are at the mercy of a harsh and manipulative environment. As we probed deeper into the issue, we became aware of the larger problem facing children on the street, irrespective of their sexuality.