All Individuals have Basic Human Rights

Gender & Sexual Minorities Rights (GSM Rights)

VISION’s work of past 21 years is reflective of finding self-sustaining solutions to Human rights violations of Gender & Sexual Minorities (GSM) groups that can be easily taken forward by the groups themselves. Read more… 

Child Rights

VISION Pakistan has been working in the area of Child Rights in Pakistan since 2001. In addition to lending our voice to the larger debate in Pakistan on the implementation of the Covenant on the Rights of the Child, VISION has a special focus on the sexual and commercial exploitation of children and the illegal trafficking of children for these purposes. Read more… 

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Who We Are

VISION is a rights based non-profit Organization, registered in 1998.

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VISION’s effort is to evolve a just and equitable society.

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An opportunity for motivated change makers.

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We offer workshops and trainings.